About us


Since 1998, Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo – Montażowe PROMONT has been designing and delivering industrial and general building projects associated particularly with environmental protection engineering.

The majority of our projects are ‘TURN-KEY’ investments which means that in addition to our construction service expertise, one should pay attention to our wide experience in designing that we expand by preparing technical documents in design laboratories with modern equipment.

PPM PROMONT is a reliable partner for comprehensive completion of projects. The core area of our business includes:

  • general and industrial building
  • residential buildings
  • public utility buildings
  • waste incinerators

Our projects are delivered in the ‘TURN-KEY’ GENERAL CONTRACTOR system, i.e. starting from a conception and building design to permission for use. We have delivered a number of projects around the country, focusing on comprehensive completion of tasks. We also run a service department which allows us to quickly react in emergency situations.

We care for precise completion and reliable operation of our projects. We always try to consider economic aspects of proposed solutions. For this purpose, we have implemented an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and AQAP 2110:2009 Quality Management System in our company. We believe that customers cannot be charged with quality costs, and the quality should be delivered as a standard.

Our offer includes the newest technologies and qualified and experienced personnel of high class engineers, construction workers and designers.